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tv   Today  NBC  August 3, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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se drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. good morning. emotional return. the american doctor battling ebola walks into the atlanta hospital where he's now being treated to the surprise of many. this morning, new details about his prognosis and when the second american who contracted the disease could be back in the u.s. > tearful good-bye. a mother breaks down at the memorial service for her three young children killed in the malay shah airlines jet that was shot down in ukraine. tapped out. the national guard in toledo, ohio this morning to deliver bottled water to hundreds of thousands of residents under a
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severe water advisory. just what made their drinking water toxic. and robert f. kennedy junior marries uniting camelot and hollywood. today, sunday august 3rd, 2014. and welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erika hill. >> and i'm lester holt. we are all here in our place. you were away last weekend, you were away and tan. look at you. i don't take time off. it's against the rules. anyway, it's great to have you here. something else special in your life we'll talk about coming up. >> every single person is going
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to say that dylan is pregnant. >> i realized that too. >> it was my birthday the whole time. just so you guys know. i just want to clear the air. >> i'm glad we cleared all of that up. we've got a lot of news to get to this morning. it's the return of the american doctor infected with the potentially deadly ebola virus. he shocked a lot of people watching when he walked into the atlanta hospital where he's being treated this morning. we continue to await the arrival of a second american aide worker. kate snow has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning. his wife says he is in great spirits and extremely grateful to be here. he is the first person with ebola to ever be treated in the united states. this moment that surprised everyone. brantly, a father of two,
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emerging from an ambulance in full protective gear and walking into emory university hospital. his family were watching inside. when they saw his strength, they cried tears of joy. >> i was stunned but encouraged when i saw dr. brantly walk from that ambulance into the hospital. it's at least a sign of strength. >> reporter: he came from liberia on a private plane specially equipped to transport him in a sealed environment. then an ambulance for a 22 mile ride on atlanta highways and side streets. the cdc is getting hate mail from americans for allowing such a deadly virus into this current. >> the unit is staffed with experts. >> reporter: but doctors here are confident they can keep ebola isolated with strict safety procedures like burning
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everything used in his room. >> there's again a process in place to make sure his family can communicate with the patient but in a way where there's no risk of transmission. >> reporter: brantly's wife amber spent a good 45 minutes with him last evening. last july, kent brantly gave this sermon at his childhood church. >> god took the reigns and nothing since then has gone as i expected. >> reporter: doctors are still assessing brantly's condition this morning, making sure his organs work. meantime, the plane that flew him here is on its way back to liberia now to pick up the other american who will be treated in the united states. at major u.s. airports, the cdc is there making sure on commercial flights no one is coming in. dr. eileen far lan is a
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infectious disease specialist. we know you have not seen dr. brantly, but as a specialist you know a lot about this. give us a sense. when you saw that video of dr. brantly walking on his own out of the ambulance into the hospital, what did that tell you about his current condition? >> well, i was very encouraged to see that. hopefully it means he's well on the way to recovery. he's apparently been infected as early as a week or more ago. this must mean that he's in fairly stable condition that he's able to walk. it is an infection with very high mortality. so it's important to remember that although this particular strain can cause 80% mortality, some people do survive. >> we know there's no vaccine.
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we've heard talk about a serum, that there's one serum on the ground there. and the missionary we're waiting on her arrival back in the u.s. took that serum. what is the course of treatment at this point? >> right. so for her, it's important to remember that that serum is experimental. and theoretically, it should give an advantage to help to clear the virus from the body, but at this point, it's entirely experimental. so -- >> so dr. brantly did not have that serum. >> right. >> what is happening to him at this point. >> at this point, he's receiving supportive care. that means that the clinicians will support his blood pressure, they'll monitor and collect his fluid and give his body the best chance of overcoming this infection. >> they just have to monitor and help if they can.
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is there a timeline at this point as to when he could really start to show signs of more improvement? >> sure. most patients start to show signs of improvement by about two weeks when the virus is starting to clear their body. at that point, they really start to feel better and improve rapidly. once the virus is cleared from their body, they can be discharged home. >> hopefully we'll get some of that news. lester? >> investigators are scouring the crash site of malaysian airlines flight 17 again this morning. earlier today, a tearful memorial service was held in australia where three young children were killed when the plane was shot from the sky. sarah james has that story. >> reporter: long trips and simple bedtime cuddles recalled at this memorial service in
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australia and the grandfather. they were heading home from a family holiday. the children's parents to follow in a few days when mh-17 went down. >> when their innocent bodies were shot out of the sky -- i stretched my arm as high as i could and screamed for them and the loves arms will always be open for them. my arms will always be reaching for them. >> reporter: a thousand friends and family gathered to remember the tight knit trio. >> someone said they were close they were meant to be together. >> reporter: this video taped for a family friend in amsterdam shortly before the fatal flight
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has become the parents' most treasured possession. >> bye! >> see you next week. >> reporter: a last glimpse of children loved so well for far too short a time. for "today," sarah james, nbc news, melbourne, australia. >> heart breaking. back in this country, there is a state of emergency in toledo, ohio this morning. people are lining up up in that city for bottled water. this after being told the water coming from their taps is toxic. >> reporter: they waited in line for hours. families across toledo, ohio desperate for drinking water. a state of emergency after city leaders declared the tap water flowing into homes for 400,000 people was too dangerous to
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drink. this family left town, drove nearly two hours so their kids would be safe. >> we weren't sure if it was safe to bathe in the water. we saw that water was going fast at all the stores. we wanted to get water as fast as we could. >> reporter: the scramble for water started just after 2:00 a.m. saturdays. within hours, lines at grocery stores stretched around the block. police called in for crowd control. lake erie, a major source of drinking water for toledo may have been impacted by a harmful allergae algae. >> we're trying toer on the side of safety. >> a precious resource suddenly so hard to find. yet another deadly scene this morning in the southern gaza strip when an air strike hit the area near a united
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nations school. this comes as israel's military learns the soldier captured by hamas is in fact dead. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. israel says that the soldier who went missing here in gaza was on friday was in fact killed. it's unclear if he was killed in the initial palestinian attack in which militants allegedly tried to capture him or by the israeli military response right after that attack. today, palestinians were injured and killed as they were trying to take shelter in a un school. they say israel targeted a suspected militant right at the gate of a school used as a shulter in southern gaza. there were multiple casualties. the round exploded as people and staff were coming in and out of
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the u.n.-run school. israeli tanks pulled back. the israeli military says it's nearly finished with its primary mission, to destroy the hamas tunnels into israel. hamas rocket fire into israel has slowed, but not stop. >> they believe the people of israel do not have the will and determination to fight them. hamas again will learn the hard way that israel will do whatever it must do to protect its people. >> reporter: for most, this war has given them nothing but funerals, wounded, and grief. during lulls in the fighting, palestinians have been trying to salvage their belongings. relatives were divided over how to respond to the strike that turned this house into a tomb.
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you want us to surrender? we won't, he said. either will live in this country with piece and dignity or we die. we've had war after war, he said. our people want nothing more than to live in peace and dignity. israel wants quiet and says it will stop fighting when that happens. gaza wants far more, a deal that will give them a better life. so far, they're not getting it. and today, the israeli military dropped these leaflets over gaza. they say the campaign is on going and leaders of terrorist groups are not safe. ry is moderator of meet the press. david, good morning. >> good morning. >> washington has been largely supportive of israel in this,
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but they are clearly pushing them for a truce. what's the state of the relationship right now between the white house and israel? >> i think there's elements of it that are pretty tense behind the scenes. listen to president obama on friday. he was strongly supportive of israel and he was the one that questioned whether a cease-fire was possible. i haven't heard the obama administration so strongly behind israel in quite a long time as they've had a tough relationship between obama and net tanya huh. >> is there a political calculation here for the white house? >> it's not so much whether to support israel, it is how much pressure to apply and to start thinking about where it can make a difference in the region. i think a calculation for israel is whether they can win militarily, but what the price is.
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even to its own security. >> let's talk about a domestic matter here. congress recessed without passing an immigration bill. the president says he'll go it alone if necessary. what can he do on this front? >> there's a number of things he can do with regard to those who are here illegally, he can provide a temporary pass, a work pass to a temporary stay here. can provide more relief to children here illegal. he wanted supplemental funds to help in that process. he's certainly not going to get that. but he can certainly take some steps that could legalize for skom period of time those people here in an undocument way which is going to make republicans very unhappy. and time now for a look at the rest of the morning's top stories. >> lester, good morning, california is under a state of
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emergency today as more than a dozen wildfires threaten homes. one of the most dangerous is along california's border with oregon. three houses burned and hundreds more threatened. at least 40 wildfires have broken out since wednesday there. at least 60 people are dead and 180 injured after an explosion in eastern china. home video show the chaos immediately after the blast at an automotive plants fast. former washington d.c. mayor is recovering this morning after a car crash. the 78-year-old berry was taken to a washington hospital after a collision last night. he was cited for allegedly driving on the wrong side of the road. berry has had numerous bushes are the law. now a district councilman is
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diabetic and says he was disoriented by low blood sugar at the time of the crash. >> hollywood wedding is big, a kennedy wed something popular. what happens when you marry the two? >> a big popular wedding! >> nights. lester wasn't in on that one. the stars on this big day, robert kennedy jr. and actress cheryl hines. a lot of numbers i'm throwing at you this morning. rfk jr. is the son of the late senator robert kennedy. family members and hollywood heavy weights gathered at the kennedy compound for the wedding. lester, erica, dylan and i, not invited to that one. >> we're always on the top of those d-lists.
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>> yeah. yeah. >> perfect. >> big popular weather going on today. we've got a soggyarts of the mid also back to the plain states, also in the southwest. we've got some rain, too. let's look at some of the heavier rain along the coast of north and south carolina. lots of flashes of lightning, that's cloud to ground lightning. that's a little bit dangerous. we could see some flooding with two to four inches of rain possible. also look at all the rain out in l.a. we have heavier downpours just to the north of the city. las vegas seeing some rain. we he have rain all across parts of arizona. we could end up with an inch to two inches of rain in the desert southwest. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek outside your window. i'm in for chuck. it is muggy outside right now and it will be humid throughout the day today. temperature, 74 in washington. check of the satellite and radar, looking at mainly dry conditions across the area and a
8:19 am
cloud-sun mix throughout the day today. dry through the morning hours. by 10:00 a.m., 74. chance after shower by 1:00. some scattered showers by 4:00 through about 8:00, the >> and that's your latest forecast. >> coming up, all star basketball player paul george telling fans he's going to make a full recovery, but what will life be ♪ each year 17 billion toilet paper tubes are thrown away in the us alone. that's enough to fill the empire state building...twice. now there's scott naturals tube-free bath tissue. get the premium softness you need without the wasteful tube. toss the tube for good with scott naturals tube-free.
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now on a sunday morning, there are some happy birthday dylan signs out there. in the meantime, yesterday was your birthday. >> i decided to wake up in a tropical island. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> i hope you had a great day. >> i did have a great day. >> apparently cake was out. even though i know you say it doesn't count on your birthday. since you eat one of these every single morning -- >> what's up with you? >> i don't know what it is. i'm very excited about this. i was there for the last week. i didn't eat a single breakfast treat and i didn't have any this morning, i was out when i got back. >> i don't know if i can process what you're saying. >> i think that's the reason i drink coffee.
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>> we couldn't seem to get the candles in them. >> well, pass them down and happy birthday. >> is that okay? >> happy birthday. hope you had a good vacation and it's nice to have you back. two birthdays in a row here. >> february 26th. >> mine's -- yeah. >> anyway. >> mine was back in march. >> anyway -- still to come, sleeping with the dinosaurs? we'll tell you about a real ♪ ♪ fill their bowl with the meaty tastes they're looking for, with friskies grillers. tender meaty pieces and crunchy bites. in delicious chicken, beef, turkey, and garden veggie flavors. friskies grillers.
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still to come, it was not easy to watch that gruesome injury that left basketball fans cringing. can paul george ever really come back? also the newport jazz, marking its 60th anniversary this weekend. marking its 60th anniversary this weekend. our very own lester holt was
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on this sunday, august 3rd, good morning. i'm david culver. let's bring you up to speed on
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some of the top stories. in the district, police tells news4 police ticketed d.c. councilman marion barry after he was involved in a car crash along pennsylvania avenue a few blocks from minnesota avenue in southeast. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. barry is diabetic and his aides say his sugar level was low and he got disoriented. police trying to figure out what led to a stabbing on the green line. someone stabbed a man just before 2:30 this morning. he was rushed to the hospital and is expected to be okay. expect to hit closed roads today if you are driving in downtown d.c. the u.s.-africa leader's summit will shut down the street until wednesday. cloudy start to the morning.
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8:29 am
good morning. on this sunday, for the most part mostly cloudy skies across the area today, more clouds than sun, all in all. remains muggy and humid for your sunday. 74 right now in washington. satellite and radar show dry conditions across the area. we'll remain dry for the rest of the morning hours. 10:00 a.m., looking at temperatures to be in the mid 70s. about 74 degrees. by 1:00, the chance of a shower, partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperature at 79. 84 for a high temperature today at 4:00. we'll be tracking some scattered
8:30 am
showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. maybe a 50% chance of dealing with a shower today. not a wash-out. plenty of dry time. we have 90 minutes of your news and worth ♪ >> happy birthday dylan. future meteorologist here. >> it's my birthday too! >> and i'm 14. >> and i came all the way from london. >> and we're here for our hon honeymo honeymoon. >> i'm crossing the "today show" off my bucket list. >> we love "today"! >> everybody has something to celebrate today. we're back on sunday, august 3rd, 2014. folks with the umbrellas. thanks to all of you as well. we have pictures of you.
8:31 am
they were taken. >> i like those umbrellas. >> i like that. >> who invented that? that term's never been used before. let's get you a look at the top headlines. the nation's -- the first american with ebola is now back in the u.s. this morning. shocking many onlookers when he walked out of that ambulance and into emory university hospital on saturday. we are now waiting the second ebola patient. there is a state of emergency in toledo, ohio this morning as hundreds of thousands on f residents being told their drinking water is contaminated. they're now awaiting water test results from federal experts. and more bloodshed in the southern gaza strip this morning. israeli forces withdrawing grouped troops. and still to come in this half hour, you remember the
8:32 am
movie "night at the museum." the american museum opened its doors for an adults only schlumbergerer party this weekend. then the named newport jazz festival is celebrating its 60th anniversary this weekend. we're going to take a look back at the history of the revival and meet the ran running it for all that time. check this out. he's a handball lancing artist. he made the top 48 on "america's got talent." this guy's amazing. he's going to be here live with us to show some of what he can do in person. >> i walked in the studio earlier and he was practicing. >> he makes it look so easy. we do begin with that gruesome injury that jolted basketball fans and the nba this weekend.
8:33 am
paul george has undergone a successful surgery on his right leg after that horrific moment on friday night. george told his fans he plans to come back better than ever, but realistical realistically, what are his odds? ron has been looking into that for us. >> experts say paul george has a long recovery ahead. whether his body agrees is another story entirely. some of the video you're about to see may be hard to watch. paul george's injury, obvious severe. >> paul george suffering what appears to be an injury. >> the kind where stunned players and fans wonder immediately if it's all over. but george put that to rest right away. former nfl quarterback who famously shattered his right
8:34 am
leg, said on twitter he knows what george was going through while on his back. >> i've had people say to me, hey, did it hurt. i asked them to let me drive my car over their leg. >> george, a star with the indiana pacers suffered an open compound lower leg fracture. >> this is the tibia, this is the fibula. >> something a noted sports medicine doctor said can be overcome with time. in george's case, he says, maybe a year ago. >> it heals quicker and better. the long-term quite good. >> others have proven it, though not without challenges. kevin ware broke his leg last year. skier lindsay vaughn broke a bone in her leg.
8:35 am
and now paul george is the latest athlete at an injury cross roads. a long road with few guarantees about where it ends. basketball great larry bird said they will focus on his recovery. let's get a weather check from dylan. >> lots of friends out here. want to make sure we squeeze in as many as possible. lots of umbrellas, but it's actually prettyit looks a lot w. i highly recommend you guys come out later. on this soggy sunday, we are keeping an eye on tropical storm bertha. turks and caicos. the airport was crazy busy yesterday as everyone was tryin early. it is going to remain as a tropical storm for a little while longer. there is a chance it could develop into a category 1
8:36 am
hurricane after it crosses between the carolinas and ber mumu s tod -- bermudas. not much of a threat to the u.s. main land. we are looking for scattered showers up and down the east coast. today in the middle of the country, it will be a hot one, highs topping out close to 90s. we are looking at some scattered showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm today but the timing mainly during the later afternoon and evening hours. another day with mainly dry conditions. 74 degrees right now in washington. 72 in leesburg. depending on where you are, how much sunshine you're seeing. a little bit more sunshine in frederick and loudoun. we'll be dry for the remainder and we are heading all it way across the country.
8:37 am
it comes from our seattle affiliate and umojafest 2014. they enjoy gospel and jazz in the park and shoot hoops at the basketball tournaments going on. you'll get a chance to enjoy some of the best soul food in the northwest. if you're in the area, check it out. i didn't realize they had a whole soul food thing going on in the northwest. ever since the first night of the museum film debuted in 2006, kids have been taking part in museum sleepovers across the country. now for the first time adults are getting in on the fun at the american museum of natural history. >> reporter: at new york's american newseum of natural history, a night at the museum. 150 adult campers. on this night, life imitating art. and as the brave would soon
8:38 am
discover -- >> that looks scary and delicious. >> reporter: just like in the movie, in the wee hours, things here can get interesting. >> when you look at that you say -- >> i'm going to take three steps forward. >> reporter: for the campers, dressup was optional, but everyone packed their curiosity. >> this is the end all be all nerd night. >> reporter: as they come to life, choosing where to sleep would make all the difference. as lisa and brett nodded off in their cots. we switched to night vision and discovered as did the campers, it is true. there is life here after dark. a ring tailed le murks ur, outlines,eagles. >> she's nocturnal. shet want to go back to sleep right when the lights come on. >> reporter: skeptical this was
8:39 am
simply put on by the staff? so was i. but in the movie, the guard knows all. >> as the night watchman, what really happens here? >> they come alive. they do. >> we make a run. >> reporter: which explains the caution, especially among the dinosaur bones. we didn't see t rex come to life, but we did note moments before sunrise, everything was back to normal. kerry sanders, nbc news new york. >> night at the museum, the third installment in the movie series debuts later this year. takes place at a london museum. i'm not going to lie, i'd be freaked out sleeping in a museum. >> and i love that museum. i get creeped out during the daylight. >> i did it two or three years ago. everything was great except there was one bathroom for like 450 kids. >> that wae
8:40 am
>> that was the nightmare for me. >> meantime, looks like we're auditioning for the remake of mary pop pins here's. up next, the newport jazz festival is celebrating its 60th year. i got the opportunity to help my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. but do you know what's the in your skincare? neutrogena naturals. a line of naturally derived skincare with carefully chosen, clinically proven ingredients and no harsh chemicals.
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healthy skin-starts from within. neutrogena naturals. this is one way to prevent your kids from watching shows that aren't appropriate for their age. but not very practical. use parental controls and the tv parental ratings guidelines to determine what shows to block.
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the more you know. newport, rhode island is alive with jazz this weekend. hosting a major celebration, the 60th anniversary of its famous jazz fest. >> ever since 1954, the outdoor band has been attracting the finest names in the industry. it's all to the credit of one driving force. it's the place where jazz came into the light of day. from dark and smoky clubs onto the newport water front. names like billy holiday signed onto play newport. but the real one was meant to be newport itself. an old money new england enclave looking to spice things up.
8:43 am
george wein, at the time a boston jazz club owner. >> we like to do something with jazz in newport. >> today, it's considered the granddaddy of outdoor festivals. >> the people who have played here before us, they say, wow, we're on that list too? >> and 60 years later, george wein is still in charge. >> was it difficult to get big names to come at first? >> no because the big names weren't getting that much money in those days. >> in the '60s, a rocky relationship with the town and rowdy crowds tarnished its reputation. >> people had come, there were no tickets. they just started to get drunk. >> we wein's proudest moments have been watching careers blossom on this stage. >> we brought miles davis back. he was finished and then he
8:44 am
played midnight here in 1955. the next thing you know, he was the biggest thing in the country. >> under wein's direction, they are focusing more on jazz's future than its past. >> to be here to perform here is something pretty surreal. >> as founder of the newport jazz fest, wein has been described as the most important nonplayer in jazz, which is not at all accurate. >> do you know that? >> sure. >> let's play it. >> sounds great. as i witnessed while admittedly mixing business be with pleasure, he remains a vibrant and gifted jazz pea j nis. today, outdoor jazz festivals are held across the country. >> i'm going to be 89 years old
8:45 am
october 3rd, i want this festival to continue after i'm gone. >> we were up there on friday. it was gorgeous. got a little rain, though. >> a little bit. >> it's a rain or shine kind of event. >> he said it was soggy in 1954 when it started. >> when the sun is shining and you lay back there in your lawn chair. when you're playing and look out there, it's calming. >> just take it all in. and what a lovely man. i can't believe he was only 28 when he started that. >> he brought it to new york for about ten years. he has overseen it ever since. >> another one to add to our road trip list. still to come on to"today,"0 definitely isn't what it used to be. definitely isn't what it used to be. >> i
8:46 am
dust irritating your eye? ♪ (singing) ♪ visine® gives your eyes relief in seconds. visine®. t back to normal.
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♪ this week, we're kickoff a week-long series called this is 50. age is only a number. we'll be reminding her when she turns 50 next weekend.
8:49 am
>> she's excited about us reminding her every single day. we found people feel younger than they age. in fact, they say they laugh more than people in their 40s. >> once upon a time, 50s seemed, well, old. but oh, how times have changed. >> you feel like anything's possible. have a better perspective about things. >> 50s makes me feel young and spirited. >> i feel so much more confident. >> i just don't feel as uptight about things as i used to. >> the 50s of today isn't what it used to be. >> the whole attitude of only glorifying youth is changing. >> today's 50-somethings are conquering love. >> i never thought i would be engaged. >> previous marriaged. even taking on baby carriages.
8:50 am
>> i became the mom to a 6-week-old baby girl. >> nearly three-quarters of the 50-year-olds surveyed, says 50 seems younger than it was in their parents' generation. >> i'm in finance and i talk to women about their finances and money all the time. everything is rocking. business is great. >> intrep pid travelers. >> i've been to australia. >> fearless survivors. >> at the age of 50 i was diagnosed with breast cancer. little did i know that you reach down and pull up inner strength that you don't realize you have or have yet to tap into. >> they're living out their dream. >> i just finished my first gospel cd. >> leading kprood anywhere lives often not has they planned. >> i thought that life was a neat story, that it had againing
8:51 am
and a middle and an end. and that at 50 that you were in the fairy tale ending. but that's not how life happens. >> you're not 50 going into a rocking chair. you're 50 and you can do whatever the heck you want to do. >> and we're going to have more every morning this week as a part of our series this is 50, taking a look at what life is like at that age, from health, to dating to work and much more. you can tell us your favorite part. just use the hash tag, #thisis50. >> for better or worse, nothing you can do about it. >> you can change your outlook. life is going to happen. if you can tweak your outlook a little bit, that can make all the difference. >> 50 wasn't a hard one for me. >> it's a whole big thing between guys and girls.
8:52 am
>> really? i thought 25 was the big one. oh, my goodness, i'm really out here on my own. >> i haven't found that adult age yet. i feel like i'm close. >> and i'm so sad for dylan because we've been celebrating dylan's birthday. they're going to think she must have turned 50. >> 25 is great. i'm loving it. we've got big news. kelly and jessica, you guys just got married. i'm finding that out right now. take it away. >> it's because we're happy. well, up next, america's got talent is on our plaza. is how delicious it can be.
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we are back now on a sunday morning with a hand balancing artist. he wowed the judges on america's got talent. >> good morning. >> howard stern was speechless. howie said he thought you could actually win this thing. what's that like for you? >> it's pretty wild, to be honest. i mean, i didn't expect to hear any of this. i just went there to have a good time. whatever they said was just a nice addition to my experience. it's great. >> there's a million prize in the balance here. i understand it's not the money you're really after. >> exactly. what i'm after is the experience and the hope that the audience gets something special out of what i do or all the contestants are going. >> this audience wants to get
8:57 am
something out of what you're going to do. will you wow us and everyone at home? >> absolutely. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:58 am
♪ >> we wish you the best of luck. this is incredible to watch. so great to have you here. you can catch america's got talent tuesday and wednesday nights at 9:00/8:00 central right here on nbc. you make it look effortless and we know it is not. >> we're going to check in with david gregory. >> a natural segway. if you want to see more of that, i too will be doing that lester. not really. the first ever known ebola patient is on u.s. soil now being treated at an atlanta hospital. so how is the government responding? i'm going to ask for the head of the centers for disease control. strong backing for israel from the president. we'll have the latest on that on meet the press this morning. that's going to do it for us
8:59 am
on a sunday morning. >> i'll see you back here tonight. until then, have a great day everybody. thanks for watching. we're working our sources and getting new information on that crash involving marion barry. what the council member said caused the accident. plus, the legal trouble he's facing right now. >> d.c. streets shutting down right now as a number of dignitaries head here for a major summit. we'll. off what will be blocked off starting this morning. we are getting a second morning of cloudy skies. little streak going on here. but doesn't look like we'll dodge the rain like a lot of us did yesterday. >> storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal has more.
9:00 am
>> good morning, guys. most of us were dry for all of the daytime hours yesterday. some isolated showers around mainly during the evening hours. today just a slightly better chance that are you dealing with a shower or thunderstorm. once again we are going to feature plenty of dry time. depending on where are you, looking at variably cloudy skies across the area. the sun trying to break out. temperature right now at 75 degrees. the dew point indicates the humidity. above 65 we say it is humid. it says 67%. notice it will be muggy and humid throughout the day today. the clouds will win out. we are dry for the rest of the morning hours but getting into the afternoon hours, especially the later afternoon hours, some scattered showers. more on your forecast in ten minutes. we're learning new details about a crash involving d.c. council member marion barry. since we brought you this breakings


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